About Us

The goal of the Design Communication (DC) program is to develop a keen understanding and mastery of Design Communication principles, theories, and skills. We define Design Communication in broad terms, ranging from printed work to interactive displays, all in the service of informing, educating, and delighting people and increasing their awareness of design.

The Project

In the transition to a knowledge-based economy, the creative and cultural industries have become the most rapidly growing phenomena in the world. Following the UNESCO charter, a number of countries initiated a slew of policies, programmes, pilot projects and administrative mechanisms to tap the potential of these content driven enterprises. While each of the nations formulated their own, context specific definitions, they all acknowledge the synergy of the cultural and creative industries and see them together as the primary drivers of their economy.

The aim of our project is to build capacity of the mutual faculty through exposure to and learning from one another’s cultural and creative industries (CCI) like crafts,design, fine arts, theater, architecture, heritage and tourism in order to prepare a world class course curriculum around Design Communications with specialisation in Cultural & Creative Industries. Read More>>>

The Need

Design communication is a process we all undertake each day of our lives. Throughout the design process, there is  human interaction.Designers constantly interact with clients, users, experts, teammates and supervisors. Through this portal space is available for, public dialogue,negotiations, collaboration, and redesign along with sharing the interpretation, perceptions and suggestions of the people involved. Quality of design and designers thinking is improved with good communication and clear articulation of requirements and design.




Target Group

The vast fraternity of design teachers and people connected with creative industries i.e.instructors at performing art academies (theaters, dance schools etc.) apart from the staff employed with media, journalism and other communications based sectors like printing, publishing, graphics, advertising, social communications sector etc. Read More>>>

The DC Portal

Creation of a cadre of creative professionals (skilled pedagogy) to teach and train other students and trainees in such topics will be the immediate short term result of this project. In the longer term, these materials will create many more aspiring professionals spiral the growth of creative & cultural industries in India in a similar fashion as India’s IT industry has been able to create its own identity in the world.

This essentially means opening up of a new career opportunity for the bright minds among youth, who would use these materials for gaining specialised skills in specific traits connected with CCI. Read More>>>

To get to see some of the outcomes of the UKIERI project on Cross Cultural Design Communication &Learning, undertaken jointly by the ARCH Academy of Design, Jaipur, India,& Perth, UHI, Scotland click the following links

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